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EMS (Toronto Emergency Medical Services)

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In an Emergency Call 911 Immediately

In an emergency, seconds count. When police, fire or medical incidents occur, call 911 immediately. Trained emergency call takers will provide you with the information and assistance you need.

An “In Case of Emergency” information sheet provides important medical details for paramedics and hospital staff should the need arise. These sheets are easy to read and provide critical details to healthcare providers at a time when communication may be hindered due to illness or language barriers.

If you live alone, this information sheet is essential for your well being.

We recommend posting this information sheet somewhere handy, like the front of your refrigerator.
The EMS Staff look here first.

For your convenience, you may fill out this sheet on your computer before printing. It is available in several languages. Where possible, though it should be filled out in English (or French in applicable areas) so that medical professionals can understand the information you have written.

You can go direct to the form by clicking on this link

If you use this form it is recommended that once completed you save it and place in a folder on your computer. Once it is saved you can retrieve it at any time for updates. Keep this sheet up to date with any changes to your current medical conditions or medications.

You can adjust the size of the form for your convenience and then enter all the pertinent information. Do not use the tab to advance to next entry. When entering numerical data do not tab, just enter continuously.

You can also print the blank form and fill out with pen/pencil. Sometimes our writing/printing is sometimes illegible. Remember, someone, other than you is going to be reading this!

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Being outside of the GTA does not stop you from using this form, however, you should check with your local municipality as they may have their own system such as "File of Life"

You require a PDF reader such as

Adobe Reader
Apple Preview

Many others, some of which are not free